I am a keen observer of the world around me. I took a break from the corporate world to run my own business for several years and really loved it, but then came back to the corporate world only to realise how much things had changed.  It was a challenge to figure out what I really wanted to do in this brand new world, and as luck (which is a combination of opportunity and action) would have it, I ended up working in marketing and communications in IT, and have never looked back. 

 Technology fascinates me because it has the ability to make a mockery out of the corporate status quo. Businesses are grappling with cloud adoption and its side effect, security.  There is a constant battle between line of business (LOB) and IT departments over who controls the work processes.  Now lets add customers to this incendiary mix.  The shift of power to customers and their ever changing needs are dictating the way organisations design their products and their service delivery models. We live in interesting times, and I love observing and writing about this exciting new world.


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